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The LIFT Fall Prevention Program has improved the quality of life for these and other program members. They are more independent, feel safer, exercising more and recommend the program to others.

  • “I have a history of falls that resulted in fractures and other injuries. I began following the recommendations from the action plan I received when I joined the LIFT program, including taking vitamin D, finding a medical alert system, and meeting with my primary care physician to discuss fall prevention. The information I received from this program has helped me become more independent.”

  • “Since we joined the LIFT program, my husband and I have made simple preventative changes to our home, such as securing rugs, adding nightlights, and adding grab bars in the bathroom. We are more aware of potential safety hazards that may lead to a falls, and as a result, we feel safer and more independent. We highly recommend this program!”

  • “After we joined the LIFT program, my wife and I met with our physician to discuss potential vitamin deficiencies and medication changes. We also joined a gym together and began a regular comprehensive fitness plan using the exercise book, video and pedometers provided by the program. As a result, we feel more independent, and are very happy with our progress.”

  • “As part of my participation in the LIFT wellness program, I reviewed medications and other potential fall risks with my physician. Based on the results of my in-home evaluation, I began a physical therapy routine, including strengthening exercises. The LIFT program offers practical steps towards becoming falls-free.”

  • “I really appreciate the wide range of health safety and lifestyle information I received from the LIFT program. I particularly appreciated the suggestions from the in-home nurse evaluation. I was impressed with the professional and caring attitude of the LIFT team, and plan to recommend this program to others!”

Learn how the LIFT Fall Prevention Program can work for your elderly members and insureds.