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Our clients compliment us on one aspect of working with us more than any other and that is the care and concern we take to ensure quality. Be it the data we capture or the quality of the experience our clients’ members and policy holders have with our clinicians – in person or on the phone – the highest possible quality must be attained. We understand what’s at stake for our clients’ members and policy holders.

LifePlans employs a dedicated quality assurance team enabled to identify and analyze performance trends and issues.

LifePlans quality assurance team engages in the following ongoing initiatives to: (a) proactively monitor and analyze staff and service performance and (b) analyze and support continuous service improvement opportunities:

  • Call Monitoring
    • LifePlans monitors the quality of all service calls to ensure the provision of world class customer service and issue resolution.
  • Issue Resolution System
    • LifePlans tracks all client concerns and resolves all customer inquiries. Close to one hundred percent of issues not resolved during the initial call are resolved within 24 hours.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • To ensure quality interaction between our clients’ customers and our clinicians performing assessments LifePlans obtains direct feedback from the adults we work with regarding their experience.
  • Field Clinician Review Program
    • LifePlans reviews 100% of our in-person assessments for accuracy, consistency and completeness. We employ multi-dimensional metrics to evaluate both the administrative and clinical performance of our clinical care managers. Field clinicians conducting in-person interviews are rated in three areas:
      • Clinical: Accuracy, clinical content, completeness and legibility
      • Turn Around times: Interview completed within protocol standards
      • Quality Issues (non-clinical in nature) : Professionalism, neatness flexibility in scheduling the interview, timeliness of scheduled interviews)

For more information about LifePlans’ Quality Assurance efforts, please contact:

Denise Liston
Vice President