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Here is a list of projects that we are currently working on and a brief description of each. Make sure to check back periodically as this list changes. As projects complete, we will put any reports associated with them on the reports page, as well.

LIFT Wellness Program

In conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services, we have designed and implemented a state of the art fall prevention and wellness program called LIFT. The goal is to create an effective, replicable, adoptable and affordable program that promotes wellness, allows people to remain in their own homes and reduces fall incidence and fear of falling. This pre-claim intervention could potentially reduce LTC expenses and improve quality of life. This is a large scale demonstration using a randomized control design. The project started in 2008 and is slated to end in 2013.

Who Buys Long-Term Care Insurance, 2010?

In conjunction with America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), we initiated a series of studies in 1990 called "Who Buys Long-Term Care Insurance" to identify the profile of buyers and non-buyers of LTC insurance. The study has been updated every 5 years with the fifth installment taking place in 2010. Look for the report to be released by AHIP and posted on our website in early 2011.

Determining Benefit Eligibility for Private LTC Insurance: Implications for the CLASS Act

This project is funded by the SCAN Foundation. With the passage of the CLASS Act, the SCAN Foundation saw an opportunity to fund work that would enable policymakers to learn about how private long-term care insurers go about the business of assessing and qualifying individuals for benefits under their policy. Through a review of NAIC regulations, insurance policy contracts, and interviews with key personnel in selected companies, LifePlans will inventory the manner in which major LTC insurers define and implement the HIPAA benefit eligibility assessment process for policyholders. This information will be used to characterize current practice across the industry. The purpose of this project is to provide policymakers with critical information about how the private long-term care insurance industry has defined and implemented HIPAA benefit eligibility triggers that underlay tax qualified policies. This project end date is October, 2010.

2010 MetLife Cost of Care Market Survey

This market survey of long-term care costs and services is conducted by LifePlans on behalf of MetLife annually. Statewide and MSA specific results are reported for residential and community-based service settings, including nursing homes, home care agencies, assisted living facilities and adult day care facilities. These reports are issued by MetLife every year.